Video Marketing

Reach Wider Audiences With High Impact Video Marketing

Video content as part of your inbound marketing strategy can help attract website visitors, aid consumer understanding of your product, boost brand perception and increase lead conversion.

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Video on landing pages can yield up to 80% conversion rate increases.

Video, animation and screen-casting can play a really healthy role in your overall marketing strategy. Video is current, easy to consume, shareable and continues to rise in popularity going into 2017 and beyond.

Delivering your message with brevity and impact helps people quickly understand your message. Video marketing messages can be layered and complex whilst easy to digest - great for quick orientation.

Video Marketing Benefits

Video marketing cost effectively provides great ROI and isn't as complicated as you'd think. If you only try one new marketing avenue this year, make it video.

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    Engaging, visual impact format

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    Convey complex marketing messages

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    Easy for wider audience to digest

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    Shareable social media format

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    Opens up new marketing channels

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    Reach new audiences and prospects

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    Increases discovery and conversion

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    High return on marketing investment

Screencast Explainer Video

Take viewers on a first person viewpoint journey of your website's core features and pages. Show them how easy it is to use your services in a fun, visual format that encourages them to try for themselves.

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Videocast Training

Quickly train your customers and staff on how to perform actions on your website or software in a first person video tutorial with text overlays and professionally recorded voiceover narration.

Video Training

Animated Explainer Videos

Narrated animation is great for conveying complex marketing messages in a snappy, memorable format that people love to share. Attention spans are short, explainer videos help people understand quickly.

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