Gina Campbell Campaign Website

We created a website design that was easy to use and looked great on mobile. We also created a simple way for Gina's fans to subscribe to her newsletter.

Gina already had great content and a brand that she loved. She just needed a website design that worked on mobile with a simple way for her fans to stay in touch and share her rich family legacy.

  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Modernised design, varied layouts
  • Content Management System
  • Markdown based blogging
  • Newsletter functionality
  • Social media enhancements

  • Client: Gina Campbell, QSO
  • Industry: Celebrity, Philanthropy
  • Background: Daughter of Sir Donald Campbell, a racing legend and speed record holder. Director of The Campbell Foundation.

The Challenge

Gina had a wealth of content and a storied family history that her old WordPress website failed to showcase effectively. The site also lagged in mobile responsiveness, a crucial feature for her diverse fan base.

Goals and Objectives

  • Create a mobile-responsive, user-friendly design
  • Design individual pages to showcase the chronological depth of her family history
  • Develop an easy-to-use newsletter subscription feature
  • Implement modern, varied layouts
  • Add features to enhance social media sharing

Our Approach

We started by diving deep into Gina Campbell's rich family history, understanding the need for each page to tell its own part of the story. From there, we went through the following phases:

  • Discovery Phase: A comprehensive review of Gina's existing brand, content, and unique story requirements.
  • Design: Individually designed each page to reflect the richness of her family history and the milestones that mattered to her and her fans.
  • Development: Moved away from WordPress to a custom-built MODX CMS, using PHP for backend logic and HTML for frontend aesthetics.
  • Testing: Performed rigorous testing to ensure the new site looked great and functioned well on all device types.
  • Deployment: Launched the site and iterated based on user feedback and analytics.

Technical Stack

  • Languages: MODX, PHP, HTML
  • CMS: MODX with editable on-page frontend CMS pages
  • Hosting: Scalable Cloud Hosting


The redesigned website looks stunning on mobile and makes it a breeze for fans to stay updated via the newsletter. Moreover, the on-page editable CMS features have streamlined the content update process for Gina.


We produced training videos detailing how to perform tasks within the CMS, ensuring Gina and her team could easily manage the new platform.


We revitalised Gina Campbell’s online presence, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. The site now does justice to her storied family history while making it easier for her to engage with her fans.


Thank you StuntRocket for all your help. The website design looks great and I'll be happy to recommend you to anyone.

Gina Cambell QSO , The Cambell Foundation Director

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