Geyser Radiators Ecommerce Website

We introduced Geyser to Magento commerce and helped them build a simple, attractive and feature rich website that has SEO built into the core of the platform.

Chad's website was in its tenth year and as his business grew, the site was starting to struggle under increased traffic. He needed a website that addressed this and utilised the effort his company put into SEO.

  • Magento ecommerce system
  • Product import & management
  • Heat calculator tool
  • B2B enhancements & accounts
  • Google shopping integration
  • SEO enhanced product pages

  • Client: Geyser Radiators
  • Industry: Ecommerce - Home and Heating Appliances
  • Size: Medium-sized business
  • Background: A business with a decade-long history, experiencing growth but challenged by an outdated website infrastructure.

The Challenge

Geyser Radiators was grappling with an ageing website that couldn't keep up with the demands of its growing traffic. Performance bottlenecks started to affect user experience and, consequently, their hard-earned SEO rankings.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Increase website loading speed by at least 50%
  2. Maintain or improve current SEO rankings for core product keywords
  3. Implement feature enhancements for B2C and B2B customers, such as a heat calculator tool and specialised B2B accounts.

Our Approach

  • Discovery Phase: Detailed audit of the existing website to identify performance bottlenecks and SEO inefficiencies. User interviews and analytics research helped guide our redesign strategy.
  • Design: Ecommerce website design, focused on a minimalistic, intuitive interface that puts the products in the spotlight without overwhelming the user.
  • Development: Migration to Magento for its superior performance, scalability, and SEO-friendly architecture. Custom development for the heat calculator tool and B2B enhancements.
  • Testing: Tests for UX and cross-browser compatibility checks.
  • Deployment: Implemented a seamless migration strategy to avoid downtime.

Technical Stack

  • Languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Framework: Magento
  • CMS: Magento Commerce
  • Hosting: Private Dedicated Server


Since the revamp, the new website has shown a 30% improvement in loading speed and maintained its SEO ranking for high-value keywords. Specialised B2B accounts and Google Shopping integrations have boosted conversions by 15%.


The Geyser Radiators project was a multifaceted endeavour that required a balance of performance tuning, SEO optimisation, and user experience design. The results have exceeded our initial objectives, establishing a robust platform for the client's future growth. This has also demonstrated StuntRocket's capability to deliver high-stakes projects that achieve measurable results.

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