Community Action Partnership Campaign Website

We created a website with a great SEO footprint that attracts a steady stream of visitors and helps them to find and download content and toolkits that are relevant to them.

National Energy Action and British Gas wanted to share the gained knowledge from their community action partnership programme on fuel poverty. Their resource website needed information and resources that could be accessed for advice and actionable content.

  • MODX Content Management System
  • User profile development & content
  • Resource library and toolkit
  • Practitioner tips & Case Studies
  • Sharing & newsletter functionality
  • Animated videos and marketing

  • Client: National Energy Action (NEA) and British Gas
  • Industry: Energy and Social Welfare
  • Background: These organisations are pioneers in battling fuel poverty within UK communities. They do this through direct community outreach, education, and support.

The Challenge

NEA and British Gas have already made strides with their community roadshows and events. The aim was to scale this - transforming their offline successes into an online resource accessible to a much wider audience.

Goals and Objectives

  • Quantitative Goals: To vastly expand the reach of NEA and British Gas's fuel poverty initiatives.
  • Qualitative Goals: To deliver an accessible, user-friendly website that provides valuable information for a diverse audience.

Our Approach

  • Discovery Phase: We dug deep into the subject matter, laying the groundwork for everything that followed.
  • Design: We explored wireframes collaboratively and went through a few iterations to get it right.
  • Development: Adopting an agile approach, we empowered NEA to prioritise features and functionalities that mattered the most.
  • Testing: User feedback and video tracking were invaluable here. It helped us refine the user experience significantly.
  • Deployment: We set up a robust, scalable cloud infrastructure that can handle the demands of a growing user base.

Technical Stack

  • Languages: MODX, PHP, HTML
  • CMS: Integrated content into MODX
  • Hosting: Deployed on scalable cloud infrastructure


Through continuous monitoring of analytics and user engagement metrics, it's evident that the website has become an invaluable resource for both the general public and professional stakeholders. The data has provided NEA with actionable insights, allowing them to refine their content strategies and further their mission.


We genuinely enjoyed the journey with NEA and British Gas. It wasn't just about building a functional website but about forming a partnership to fight against fuel poverty in the UK. And that, in our book, makes this project a true success.


I'm so glad we had Stuntrocket working with us. I don't think it would have been possible otherwise.

Lorraine Donaldson , British Gas & NEA Project Manager

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