The Clever Fish Lead Generation Website

We created a website with balanced content that provided information for both candidates and employers, and featuring a private area for candidates to manage their CV and job applications.

Adam and Victoria had moved into a new industry sector and had gotten very busy. The increase in enquiries meant they needed to automate their client onboarding process.

  • MODX Content Management System
  • SEO and content optimisation
  • Private area for applicants
  • Job vacancy board

  • Client: The Clever Fish
  • Industry: Recruitment
  • Size of the Company: Small to Medium
  • Brief Background: Adam and Victoria are seasoned professionals in the recruitment sector. Their company needed a modern, mobile-friendly website to better serve their clients and candidates.

The Challenge

Their existing website was not mobile-friendly and fell short of efficiently managing the increased volume of enquiries. The primary challenge was to automate their candidate onboarding process while offering features that catered to both employers and candidates.

Goals and Objectives

  • Quantitative Goals: To automate at least 40% of the candidate onboarding process.
  • Qualitative Goals: Improve user experience, particularly in mobile accessibility and application tracking for candidates.

Our Approach

  • Discovery Phase: We began with a deep dive into their existing website and business processes.
  • Design: We crafted a modern, mobile-friendly design that could efficiently cater to candidates and employers.
  • Development: A MODX Content Management System was deployed, ensuring flexibility and robustness.
  • Testing: Rigorous testing was done to validate the functionality of the private areas for candidates.
  • Deployment: The website was launched, meeting all project goals.

Technical Stack

  • Languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Hosting: A secure and scalable cloud hosting solution


The website successfully automates a large part of the onboarding process for new candidates, providing them with a private section to upload CVs and track applications. This has allowed Adam and Victoria to channel their efforts into other business-critical areas.


The project was a testament to how well-structured web solutions can resolve complex business challenges. The Clever Fish now has a platform that aligns with their business needs and delivers a superior experience for both employers and candidates.


Having a website that can automate core aspects of our customer onboarding process is priceless.

Adam Dyson , The Clever Fish Director

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