Visual Identity

Our team will work with you to create a fresh and consistent look that will help you stand out from your competition.


Attractive, unified brand identity

We'll create a strong visual identity for your brand, utilising cohesive design elements across all product and marketing channels to influence towards a positive, consistent perception.

Positive brand perception

A well-executed visual identity can make all the difference in how your brand or app is perceived. It can help you build advocacy and trust, and ensure consistency across all your business communications and marketing.

Convey your brand personality

A well-crafted visual identity is more than just a logo. It's the first impression your customers will have of your brand, and it's essential to make sure it's polished. Our team of experts can help craft a visual identity that reflects your company values.

Get noticed, be memorable

As well as first impressions, we also need to make lasting impressions. With a strong, well-developed visual identity, you'll be sure to make an impact on potential customers. We'll craft an identity that's unique and speaks to your target audience.

Distinct, unified identity

A distinctive brand is key to standing out from the competition and resonating with your audience. Our designers will create a unique and effective identity for your business that will help you attract new customers and grow your bottom line.

Simple, effective design

Effective visual identities are simple and memorable - by deploying typography, colour, shapes and images that are consistent with your brand's personality and values we can help to create the right impression wherever your brand is seen.

Brand Identity Design

Does your visual identity truly reflect the quality of your services?

Some of our clients already have established brand identities when starting their digital project, but if you don't, then let us create a visual identity for you to use across all your channels. We can help with any printed materials, literature and of course, digital marketing and websites.

Visual Identity Assets

All the media assets your brand needs

Our team create media assets that stand out from the competition and help you achieve your brand marketing goals.

Logo design

Communicate who you are and what you stand for; grabbing attention and leaving a lasting impression. Our talented designers will craft a unique logo that captures your brand's essence.

Visual identity elements

A multi-purpose visual identity guide that will ensure that logo, typography, colours and other visual elements are consistently approached and rendered across all of your brand marketing materials.

Print and literature

High resolution and traditional graphic design for any literature, brochures and advertising assets you need to promote your brand or products.

Digital marketing

Anything and everything that represents your brand of products visually, from product mockups and 3D scenes, to graphics for advertising and operating your business on and offline.

Social media

Our social media assets will keep all of your social profiles and posts fresh. Our templates are designed to be reusable within your team for consistent results, or we can do it for you.

Motion graphics

Take your brand logo or other visual identity elements to the next level with animated shorts, introductions and skits, available in high resolution.