Web & App development

Bring your vision to life. We'll help you create a website or app that's reliable, efficient, and perfect for your business


Built around your business model

All of our websites are mobile responsive and designed to meet the requirements of your business requirements. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, please get in touch.

  • Content Management Website

  • Online Shop Website

  • Service Subscription Website

  • Portal or Community Website

  • Feature Website

Laravel development, Modx development and Magento development


Our progressive, mobile and hybrid applications go beyond typical websites and are suited to specific business needs.

  • Mobile Application

  • Business Application or System

  • Electron Desktop Application

  • Vue PWA Application

  • IOT Backend Development


Technical Development

Heavy lifting

Let us team design a scalable system for your business, including the database and hardware as well as integrate any required functionality.

System Architecture

We build digital products that are scaled to the needs of your business. Our designs are scalable, our systems are flexible, and our processes are efficient.

Data Design & Storage

You need data design and storage for your digital products. Your product is only as good as its ability to securely store, retrieve, and present data for users quickly.

Business Logic & Automation

We make automation and internal business processing easy. We connect your business logic to the other software that runs your business to save you time.

System Scalability

Our system architecture and flexible cloud infrastructure allows your digital product to scale automatically to handle high traffic, regardless of how many concurrent users.

API & Integration

Our integration and API development services make it easy to connect your digital product with external systems like CRMs, ERPs, and payment gateways.

Technology Stack Design

Our experience with a large set of open source technology means we can always design a robust, secure technology stack for your digital project.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Our high quality assurance ensures that your customers have the best experience using automated, accurate, and comprehensive analysis for bug free code.

Payment Processing

No need to pay expensive third-party payment processors. We can easily and affordably integrate payment processing for you, including Paypal or credit card.
Integrated development team

Working smarter

Our collaborative, transparent working process helps you achieve your development goals.

  • Communication between teams
  • Greater understanding of the system as a whole
  • Easier troubleshooting and bug fixing
  • Improved code and product quality

Project members can quickly share knowledge and ideas, which leads to a more cohesive and effective process. Communication is key - we get everyone on the same page.

Lorraine Donaldson - National Energy Action

Stuntrocket's team opened up a new technology stack for us that we hadn't considered. Our business has now incorporated this into other aspects of our operations.

Stuart Walton Sticky Piston