Product Discovery

If you're looking for a way to jumpstart your digital product, look no further than our product discovery services. We can help you develop a strategy and angle to boost your business.

Mitigate the challenges facing your project

Identifying problems, constraints and opportunities.

Researching and thinking about your website or campaign idea in terms of user needs, goals and objectives.

The discovery phase is the first step in the digital product lifecycle and helps understand and scope your idea from a number of commercial, technical and user perspectives.

It will challenge assumptions around your idea with a view to identifying problems and constraints that might affect its success, and then designing around them.

The information and the insight it forms will help refine the product idea into a solid product proposal that meets all the criteria associated with success in customer-facing digital products.

Why is product discovery important for my project?

The discovery phase is essential for creating a digital product that people will use - driving your idea forward with features that meet your user's needs. It will further define and craft your initial vision, and surface all the unknowns that will need to be dealt with.


Once we have an understanding of these basic type of questions, we can start product ideation and go into more detail on the top problems facing your product and look at ways to re-frame them as challenges that we can design solutions for.

What is your idea and who will it help?
This is the heart of product discovery and the key to making sure your digital product succeeds. You have to understand who your users are and what they need.
Who are your users and who are your customers?
It's important to understand how yours users and customers differ, because they're not always one and the same. People will use your website for informational and commercial reasons and that will inform your approach each of them.
User and customers needs - how does your product provide them?
Establishing your target audience and the profiles within them is how we map specific features, design and content to certain visitor types, for example users and customers.
What does your idea do for users that your competitor doesn't?
Researching other similar products and how they compare and contrast to your product.