Digital Strategy

We base our digital strategy on a solid understanding of our client's business and their customer's needs, resulting in solutions that make sense for both.


Digital Strategy Agency

Solidify positive project outcomes

Getting key aspects like idea, approach, tech and planning right can make all the difference when it comes to launching digital products and marketing.

In order to obtain the best technical outcomes and ensure the product is visually, functionally and commercially appealing, we evaluate, validate and improve our ideas in order to minimise risks and maximise benefits.

Insight & project direction

Product Discovery

Identify product opportunities and mitigate potential challenges and find the best possible customer focused outcome.

Product Ideation

Evaluate and enhance the core aspects and features that will steer your digital product towards commercial success.

Journey Insight

Exploring user profiles to ensure we're speaking the right language in our design, content and experience proposal.

Workflow Planning

Research, tasks, wireframes, feature set, budget and resource allocation brought together in a collaborative workflow plan.

Overcome challenges

To get the best results and ensure the product is visually, functionally and commercially delightful, we validate and enhance your idea, designing around any challenges to your objectives.

This can take on many forms, such as exploring business models, aligning with new target audiences, or enhancing satisfaction throughout the buying process.

Exploring Possibilities through Product Ideation

Solving Challenges

Often there is one last puzzle piece that our clients haven't solved that is pivotal to the overall concept or execution. That's where we come in. We live to solve design, usability, marketing and technical problems!

Idea Progression

Ideas are powerful things. They spark creativity and passion. But ideas don't always come with a technical blueprints. Stuntrocket are experts at forging new pathways for digital products and organisations.

Assumption Validation

Analysing and validating our ideas and assumptions around aspects of usability and functionality, coupled with interactive wireframes for user feedback. Iterating on this until the concept is refined.

Project workflow timings Project workflow schedule Project workflow resources Project workflow deliverables

Digital Project Management

Workflow Planning

The workflow is a collaborative space where the tangible units of work necessary to produce the finished product are quantified and described in detail for access by the team and studio.

It also contains all of the built up research, insight, discussion, wireframes, designs and instruction from the strategy phase and will grow as your project progresses.

  • Discovery Phase Insight
  • Strategic Product Mission
  • Backlog of Tasks
  • Resources & Assets
  • Budget & Schedule

Frequently asked questions

Do we validate business plans?
No. We can help you validate lots of aspects of your digital product or idea, but we don't offer financial or business advice.
Do we guarantee commercial success?
No. We can't guarantee your idea will be a commercial success, but we can remove technical and creative barriers to getting there.