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Helping NEA & British Gas Tackle UK Fuel Poverty With User Personas.

Community Action On Fuel Poverty Website

Project Walkthrough

We were delighted to be selected to help National Energy Action and British Gas with their ambitious, modern vision for a UK fuel poverty tackling community portal.

When we first met with NEA and British Gas they had good persona research, consensus on goals, direction and features for their fuel poverty tackling community resource hub.

They expalined that some of their pain points previously when working with websites were issues around content curation, navigational structure and ease of use for editorial staff.

Understanding Client's Needs

Core Values & Goals

Agile Approach

Initiatives & Releases


Stakeholder Reporting

Journey & Content Plan

Journey, story and design go firmly hand in hand. That's why when we design websites we involve the product owner and content team from the start. Working with NEA to produce a comprehensive sitemap and content plan, holistic design and well considered UX. MODX CMS allowed us produce a beautiful, easy to navigate website with great flow that's engaging for users of all expertise levels and easy for NEA to manage.

Content planning and user journey

Design and Development

Website Design

We explored three main design avenues before opting for a flat, colourful icon lead design that had a good friendly community feel to it and plenty of room for future growth.

Website Development

We used MODX CMS for a flexible system with potential to be expanded in future. Desktop, tablet and mobile friendly it packs great features and is easy for NEA to manage content.

Development Sprints

Agile project methodology was invaluable. As new beta test data became available we were able to priorotise and adjust features and project direction accordingly.

Beta Testing

We ran a screen recorded and heatmapped beta testing period, providing us information about how the site was being used and highlighting areas for improvement.

Our training package included one day CMS induction accompanied by fifteen short walkthrough video tutorials for NEA editorial staff, detailing the key CMS and moderator functionality they needed to know.

Feedback on the training presentation was positive - people felt confident that they could manage the site content and loved the fact they could refer back to their online video guides at any time for a refresher.

We use MODX for all of our client websites, so we know from day to day use how much time it can save them over other similar CMS systems.

We customised the dashboard so that NEA editorial staff have quick access to all of their common content management and moderator tasks - making it as easy as possible for them to do go about their day.

Our Thoughts

Ultimately, what makes a project special is the people involved and relationships formed. Tweet This

We enjoyed the project immensely and found the National Energy Action and British Gas teams to be lovely, genuine, hard working folk fighting a worthwhile cause. Please visit them and get involved in tackling UK fuel poverty yourself!

Community Action On Fuel Poverty

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